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Teas and Coffee

Certified Organic Mate’ Factor Yerba Mate’ & Dark Roast Yerba Mate’ Blend:

Our special Organic Green Brazilian Mate’ is energizing and loaded with nutrients. Dark Roast Mate’ is an invigorating blend of Yerba Mate’, roasted grains, and carob. Both are served up cold, hot, or in any of our espresso drinks.

Organic Teas and Chai:

We carry a wide variety of black, green, and herbal teas, Yerba Mate’ blends and Chai.

Iced Herbal Teas:

Refreshing Hibiscus Fruit Cooler, Energizing Lemon Yerba Mate’, and Lemony House Iced Tea are all honey sweetened and available daily.

Locally Roasted Coffee & Espresso

Our coffees are all Fair Trade Certified and freshly roasted right here in Plymouth by Speedwell Coffee.